My guarantee is simply this: I GUARANTEE, that I will provide the best possible opportunities for you to catch fish on the day you are booked with me,  and I will work my absolute hardest to provide you the opportunities to catch and land fish on that day!! I simply cannot guarantee that the fish will bite or actively feed every single trip out due to so many factors outside of human control (weather, water temps, availability of bait, spawn season etc), but I can and do guarantee that no one will work or try any harder to put you on fish!!

While not a “guarantee”, I can and do PROMISE to never lie to you that the fish are actively biting or have been biting when they are not!!

I’ve included this page so you know exactly what kind of trip you will get when you book with me. I won’t and don’t play word games and want you to enjoy your trip without any surprises.

Kindest Regards & Tight Lines!

Steve (Hawker) King